Magic Wall LED

Magic Wall 22
The plug-and-play and maintenance-free Magic Wall LED gaming units offer games and video in the tightest spaces. Whether in the waiting room, indoor playground or as an addition to MyKidsCorner. The basic devices 17”, 19” and 22” need a wall space of approx. (H)52cm x (W)52 / 62cm and sit pround from the wall from 7.5 – 18cm.
The sturdy, melamine-coated wooden housing is standardly available in the colours signal-red, sunny yellow and atoll blue, or optionally in genuine brushed aluminium (stainless steel look).All surfaces used conform to EN71 Part 3 and are saliva, perspiration and food safe in accordance with the guidelines for children’s toys.
The latest version 2017 is now equipped with an even larger and more luminous 19-inch zero-bezel touch screen of 42x34cm. The touchscreen is tilted 10° for optimal operation which allows children of all ages to play while standing or sitting down.
The top part of breakable and splinter-proof plastic is provided with background-illuminated LED lettering and lends the new Magic Wall a modern and appealing design. The integrated wall-mounting can be easily and quickly installed anywhere you desire.
Our wall-mounted devices from the Magic Wall series are not only available with the basic colours red, yellow and blue but also with special colours listed at the HPL Colour Sheet.
All wall-mounted devices can be directly installed using a power outlet so that all cables remain securely hidden in the interior without needing to be routed out of the housing.


Magic Wall LED 19
19” zero-bezel
Magic Wall LED 22
22” (16:9 widescreen)
Magic Wall LED
(brushed stainless steel)
17”, 19” and 22”
Magic Wall LED
Our children’s playstations now also come with comfortable and unique Magic Seats beanbags in Beanbag or Cube format



Housing melamin-coated wooden cabinet (MDF) in signal-red, sunny-yellow and atoll-blue (plain or bicolor)
optionally available with genuine brushed aluminium (stainless steel look)
background-illuminated LED lettering
hidden mounting bracket include
Screen Size pure-glass touchscreens for superior image clarity, resolution, and light transmission
17 ” ( 338 x 270 mm )
19” ( 420 x 348 mm ) ( PCap )
22 ” ( 477 x 268 mm )
24 ” ( 521 x 293 mm ) ( PCap )
tilted of approx. 10 degrees for optimal operation by children of different ages and heights
sensitive touch response
game control exclusively via fingers
for all PCap models:
two glass solution (2GS) offers pristine optical clarity and touch durability that passes UL-60950 & IK-07 impact testing
Hardware LED touch screen with iTouch / PCap technology
Maintenance free control unit with VGA, HDMI, USB, Network, Audio, Fast CF
115-230 Volt, 50-60 Hz
Integrated Power Save Technology! for very low power consumption, even in continuous operation
Software Magic Touch II with 20+ games, apps and languages
suitable for children aged 3+
Measurements 17” ( 520 x 520 x 75-180mm ) approx. 16 kg
19” ( 570 x 590 x 80-190mm ) approx. 16 kg
22” ( 520 x 620 x 75-180mm ) approx. 17 kg
24” ( 740 x 620 x 75-180mm ) approx. 21 kg
Consumption sleep mode approx. 30 Watt (0,025 kWh) / gaming mode 35 Watt (0,030 kWh)
Delivery Terms ex works, cardboard packaging
Add-on Magic Seats BeanBags
KeeBee activity modules
Warranty 2 years
Code 17” H.00693
19” H.00889
22” H.00767
24” H.00811

Magic Wall LED housing registered design pending

Magic Wall special edition icy-white high-gloss at STUDIOLINE Photostudios GmbH

Magic Wall special edition icy-white high-gloss at STUDIOLINE Photostudios GmbH

Magic Wall at doctors waiting room

Magic Wall 17” at doctors’ waiting room

Magic Wall play kiosk at Kentucky Fried Chicken Restarurant

Magic Wall 17” at Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant

Magic Wall icy-white high-gloss @ Scheffel's Frischbackstuben

Magic Wall icy-white high-gloss @ Scheffel’s Bakery

Magic Wall 22'' at Indoor Playground

Magic Wall 22” at Indoor Playground