Review Euroshop 2020 Store Design Stage


Carolin Fischbach

OrgaControl GmbH, Sales & Marketing
Carolin Fischbach is responsible for sales and marketing of products from OrgaControl GmbH. During her daily experience over the last two years with focus on customer relationship management she got direct feedback of different client groups.


Beside the presentation of our products and brand new products on our booth and therefore associated many interesting conversation we have got also the possibility to win with our application one of the rare time slots to present on the Store Design Stage.
With our presentation ”Customer Loyalty of Children” we were able to inspire the specialist audience with current and informative topics on customer loyalty of children. We spoke in detail about the shopping behavior of families, how customer loyalty of children works and what requirements a kids corner has to meet. Are you curious? Take a look at the entire presentation in the video below: