HPL Color Sheet

Below we have listed all HPL coatings with their corresponding NCS or RAL codes, available for all interactive devices like Magic Wall LED, Magic Wall Deluxe as well as all models of the My KidsCorner series. Kindly note that the colours listed on this page offer only an approximation of their actual real-life counterparts. We can’t be held responsible for any mismatch as the accuracy of each computer screen our users view our website with will vary.
Kindly note, that delivery time of all colours can be up to 4 weeks and depends on model and quantity. Need a quote? Just call us on +49-2681-9583-12 or send a message to sales@orgacontrol.de

U11500 Weißgrau
NCS S1502-Y
RAL 9002
U11506 Elfenbeinweiß
NCS S0804-G90Y
U11509 Magnolia
NCS S1005-Y20R
U11518 Perlgrau
NCS S1002-G
U11523 Elfenbein
NCS S0804-Y50R
U11525 Officeweiß
NCS S1002-G50Y
U15110 Iguana
NCS S3050-G80Y
U15115 Ginstergelb
NCS S1070-Y10R
U15133 Kieselgrau
NCS S2005-Y20R
U15190 Cuvo
NCS S3005-Y20R
U15193 Cuando
NCS S6005-Y20R
U15194 Zinkgelb
NCS S0560-Y
RAL 1018
U15230 Vanille hell
NCS S0804-Y30R
U15246 Mango
NCS S1050-Y20R
U15331 Beigegrau
NCS S1505-G90Y
U15559 Pastellgelb
NCS S1015-Y20R
U15579 Dottergelb
NCS S0570-Y20R
RAL 1003
U16000 Trüffelgrau
NCS S5005-Y50R
U16001 Sandgreige
NCS S3005-Y50R
U16001 Congo
NCS S4005-Y50R
U16003 Sandbeige
NCS S2005-Y50R
U16007 Came
NCS S0907-Y10R
U16009 Apfelsine
NCS S1060-Y30R
U16010 Organge
NCS S1070-Y40R
RAL 2011
U16012 Antilope
NCS S3060-Y30R
U16013 Bison
NCS S5040-Y40R
U16020 Mittelbeige
NCS S1010-Y30R
U16037 Puder
NCS S3010-Y70R
U16051 Sienarot
NCS S3050-Y70R
U16058 Be Rooted!
NCS S7502-R
U16130 Sandgrau
NCS S0907-Y50R
U16166 Salsa
NCS S4040-Y70R
U16179 Cuba Libre
NCS S3010-Y60R
U16184 Creme
NCS S1505-Y50R
U17005 Karminrot
NCS S2070-Y90R
RAL 3000
U17008 Rubinrot
NCS S3560-R
RAL 3003
U17010 Terrabraun
NCS S8005-Y80R
U17012 Coco
NCS S6010-Y90R
U17013 Mimose
NCS S0520-R20B
U17014 Hortensie
NCS S1050-R20B
U17019 Cranberry
NCS S4040-R20B
U17031 Bordeaux
NCS S5040-Y90R
U17035 Lotus
NCS S0505-Y90R
U17054 Burgund
NCS S6030-R
RAL 3005
U17141 Orchidea
NCS S7020-R20B
U17271 Oxidrot
NCS S5040-Y80R
U17500 Royalblau
NCS S8005-R80B
U17501 Rose
NCS S2010-R30B
U17503 Lila
NCS S6030-R40B
U17505 Pflaume
NCS S5010-R30B
U17509 Malve
NCS S1005-R50B
U18001 Skyblau
NCS S4020-R80B
RAL 5014
U18002 Wasserblau
NCS S3030-R90B
RAL 5014
U18003 Kristallblau
NCS S1020-R90B
U18004 Dunkelblau
NCS S7020-R80B
U18006 Skagerrak
NCS S6020-B10G
U18008 Java
NCS S2555-B20G
U18010 Cirrus
NCS S0540-B
U18011 Palander
NCS S1050-B
U18012 Baltic
NCS S3060-B
U18013 Cumulus
NCS S2030-B
U18014 Stratus
NCS S4040-B
U18015 Catania
NCS S0520-B10G
U18016 Kavala
NCS S1040-B10G
U18017 Ikarus
NCS S3040-B10G
U18021 Levante
NCS S4040-B10G
U18028 Schwarzblau
NCS S7502-B
U18029 Horizont
NCS S2010-R90B
U18031 Möve
NCS S2005-R90B
U18032 Aqua
NCS S1510-B20G
U18059 Enzianblau
NCS S5040-R80B
RAL 5010
U18067 Pastellblau
NCS S0515-B
U18068 Himmelbau
NCS S3050-R90B
U18074 Atlantik
NCS S5020-B10G
U18079 Pacific
NCS S3020-B10G
U18148 Eisblau
NCS S1015-R80B
U18500 Patras
NCS S1040-B30G
U18501 Fjord
NCS S7010-B30G
U18502 Britol
NCS S4020-B30G
U18503 Trinity
NCS S1020-B30G
U18504 Hudson
NCS S2020-B30G
U18505 Lagune
NCS S2010-B50G
U18506 Neptun
NCS S1510-B80G
U18576 Ozean
NCS S5030-B30G
U19003 Cadiz
NCS S0520-B90G
U19004 Saragosso
NCS S2040-B90G
U19005 Jade
NCS S4040-B90G
U19006 Mint
NCS S2010-B90G
U19007 Agave
NCS S4020-B90G
U19008 Labrador
NCS S7010-B90G
U19011 Schwarzgrün
NCS S8502-G
U19014 Salbei
NCS S2010-G30Y
U19015 Spermint
NCS S1010-G30Y
U19500 Carambola
NCS S2040-G60Y
U19501 Granny smith
NCS S2050-G40Y
U19502 Limette
NCS S4040-G40Y
U19503 Avocado
NCS S3020-G60Y
U19504 Zucchini
NCS S7010-G50Y
U19505 Citron
NCS S0540-G70Y
U19506 Lilie
NCS S0530-G50Y
U19507 Iris
NCS S0550-G60Y
U19508 Chartreuse
NCS S1050-G40Y
U19509 Olive
NCS S1070-G70Y
U19511 Klee
NCS S3065-G50Y
U19512 Khaki
NCS S5020-G70Y
U19515 Taiga
NCS S5020-G50Y
U11552 Moongry
NCS S1002-Y50R
U12000 Vulkanschwarz
NCS S8502-B
RAL 9005
U12007 Graphitschwarz
NCS S8500-N
U12009 Silbergrau
NCS S2502-B
U12010 Platinumgrau
NCS S4502-B
U12011 Vulkanit
NCS S8502-B
U12018 Basaltgrau
NCS S6500-N
U12043 Gletscherblau
NCS S0502-B
U12044 Delphingrau
NCS S2502-R
U12090 Bora Grau
NCS S4502-R
U12091 Sharky Grau
NCS S5502-R
U12092 Zonda Grau
NCS S6502-R
U12109 Montanagrau
NCS S2002-G50Y
U12115 Platingrau
NCS S4500-N
U12131 Silbergrau
NCS S1502-Y50R
U12190 Flanell
NCS S2000-N
U12204 Manhattan
NCS S3000-N
U12211 Lava
NCS S7005-Y50R
U12215 Anthrazit
NCS S8000-N
U12986 Grau
NCS S7500-N