HPL Color Sheet

Below we have listed all HPL coatings with their corresponding RAL, NCS and Pantone codes, available for all interactive devices like Magic Wall LED, Magic Wall Deluxe as well as all models of the My KidsCorner series. Kindly note that the colours listed on this page offer only an approximation of their actual real-life counterparts. We can’t be held responsible for any mismatch as the accuracy of each computer screen our users view our website with will vary.
Kindly note, that delivery time of all colours can be up to 4 weeks and depends on model and quantity. Need a quote? Just call us on +49-2681-9583-12 or send a message to [email protected]

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0564 PE Almond
NCS 0601-Y21R
RAL 9001
7031 BS Crème
NCS S 0804-Y10R
0514 PE Ivory
NCS 0505-Y05R
5982 BS Mussel
NCS S 1005-Y20R
RAL 1013
Pantone 7500 C
0522 PE Beige
NCS S 1005-Y20R
0515 PE Sand
NCS 1010-Y30R
7045 SU Satin
Pantone 7527 C
5981 BS Cashmere
NCS S 2005-Y60R
RAL 9002
Pantone 7528 C
8533 BS Macchiato
NCS S 3010-Y40R
Pantone 4745 C
0301 SU Cappuccino
NCS S 4010-Y30R
RAL 1019
Pantone 7530 C
K096 SU Clay Grey
NCS S 4005-Y20R
Pantone 7530 C
7166 BS Latté
RAL 7006
Pantone 7531 C
7184 BS Earth
NCS S 7502-R
Pantone 411 C
8348 PE Bronze Age
0182 BS Dark Brown
NCS S 8010-Y30R
RAL 8011
Pantone 476
7123 BS Lemon Sorbet
NCS S 0520-Y10R
0134 BS Sunshine
NCS S 0560-Y10R
Pantone 136 C
0551 BS Peach
Pantone 472 C
0132 BS Orange
NCS S 0585-Y40R
RAL 2000
Pantone 158 C
7176 BS Flame
NCS S 0585-Y70R
RAL 2004
Pantone Orange 021 C
7113 BS Chilli Red
NCS 1085-Y85R
RAL 3020
Pantone 1795 C
0149 BS Simply Red
NCS S 2070-Y90R
RAL 3016
Pantone 1807 C
K098 SU Ceramic Red
NCS S 4050-Y70R
Pantone 7600 C
9551 BS Oxide Red
NCS S 4550-Y90R
RAL 3011
Pantone 7610
7180 BS Mint
NCS S 0510-B50G
7063 SU Pastel Green
NCS 1505-G
Pantone 441 C
K097 SU Dusk Blue
NCS S 4010-B50G
Pantone 5497 C
8996 BS Ocean Green
NCS S 2030-G70Y
5519 BS Lime Grass
NCS S 1060-G70Y
Pantone 584 C
7190 BS Mamba Green
NCS S 0580-G30Y
Pantone 368 C
9561 BS Oxide Green
NCS S 3060-G10Y
RAL 6029
Pantone 349
7179 BS Sky Blue
NCS S 0520-R80B
Pantone 657 C
70121 BS Capri Blue
NCS S 2030-R90B
Pantone 652 C
5515 BS Marmara Blue
NCS S 1555-B10G
Pantone 638 C
0245 SU Ocean
NCS S 4050-B40G
0244 SU Petrol
NCS S 6020-B30G
K099 SU Midnight Blue
NCS S 5030-R80B
0125 BS Royal Blue
NCS S 3060-R90B
RAL 5005
Pantone 7685 C
8984 BS Navy Blue
NCS S 7020-R80B
RAL 5011
Pantone 533 C
8536 BS Lavender
NCS S 1020-R40B
Pantone 679 C
8534 BS Rose Pink
NCS S 1040-R20B
RAL 3015
Pantone 507 C
K100 SU Raspberry Pink
NCS S 2065-R20B
RAL 7433
7167 SU Viola
RAL 4001
8681 SU Brilliant White
NCS S 0505-R70B
8685 Snow White
NCS S 0500-N
8100 SM Pearl White
NCS S 0300-N
RAL 9016
0110 SM White
NCS S 0500-N
RAL 9016
0101 PE Front White
NCS S 0502-G50Y
RAL 9016
0191 SU Cool Grey
NCS 1502-G
Pantone 427 C
0112 PE Stone Grey
NCS S 2000-N
RAL 7047
0540 PE Manhattan Grey
NCS S 2500-N
1700 PE Steel Grey
NCS S 2005-R80B
Pantone Cool Grey 5 C
0881 PE Aluminium
0859 PE Platinum
RAL 9006
0197 SU Chinchilla Grey
NCS S 3000-N
Pantone Warm Grey 6 C
0171 PE Slate Grey
NCS S 4500-N
RAL 7037
Pantone Cool Grey 8 C
6299 BS Cobalt Grey
NCS S 6502-Y
RAL 7039
Pantone 417 C
0162 PE Graphite Grey
NCS S 6500-N
RAL 7015
Pantone Cool Grey 10 C
0164 PE Anthracite
NCS S 7502-G
RAL 7043
Pantone Cool Grey 11 C
0190 PE Black
NCS S 8502-B
RAL 9004
Pantone Process Black C