HPL Wood Sheet

Below you’ll find all wooden HPL coatings available with our interactive playsystems like Magic Wall LED, Magic Wall Deluxe and models of the My KidsCorner series. Kindly note that the samples listed on this page offer only an approximation of their actual real-life counterparts. We can’t be held responsible for any mismatch as the accuracy of each computer screen our users view our website with will vary.
Kindly note, that delivery time of all wooden designs can be up to 4 weeks and depends on model and quantity. Need a quote? Just call us on +49-2681-9583-12 or send a message to sales@orgacontrol.de

K001 PW White Craft Oak
8361 SN Crossline Latté
K019 PW Silver Liberty Elm
K017 PW Blonde Liberty Elm
K002 PW Grey Craft Oak
K005 PW Oyster Urban Oak
K018 PW Smoked Liberty Elm
5194 SN Oxide Vintage Oak
8362 SN Crossline Caramel
K007 PW Coffee Urban Oak
K012 SU Pearl Artisan Beech
8921 PR Ferrara Oak
1715 BS Birch
8622 PR Milky Oak
0375 PR Maple
8995 SN Coco Bolo
K013 SU Sand Artisan Beech
8657 SN Zebrano Sahara
K076 PW Sand Expressive Oak
3025 SN Light Sonoma Oak
K006 PW Amber Urban Oak
5500 SU Natural Noble Elm
8431 SN Nagano Oak
K003 PW Gold Craft Oak
K077 PW Light Riverside Cherry
8925 BS Lissa Oak
0381 PR Bavaria Beech
1912 BS Alder
0344 PR Cherry
9614 BS Light Lyon Walnut
K078 PW Dark Riverside Cherry
K008 PW Light Select Walnut
K014 SU Truffle Artisan Beech
K009 PW Dark Select Walnut
K004 PW Tobacco Craft Oak
K015 PW Vintage Marine Wood
9455 PR Guarnieri Walnut
K020 PW Fireside Select Walnut
0729 PR Walnut
0481 BS Opera Walnut
K090 PW Bronze Expressive Oak
8953 SU Tiepolo Walnut
0854 BS Wenge
8656 SN Zebrano Nuance
9763 BS Louisiana Wenge
K016 PW Carbon Marine Wood