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Concept Magic Touch is an interactive and educational gaming solution for children which was specifically designed for the commercial sector. Along with the primary factors such as child safety, perfect quality, intuitive operation and educational responsibility, we also considered the requirements of the healthcare system as well the goals of easing the burden on employees and ensuring calm, non-disruptive gameplay.
This not only includes the various play kiosk configurations and gaming corners, but also Magic Touch II, the interactive touchscreen for children of all ages, which has been certified as nonviolent and educational. The multi-lingual multi-media system currently includes more than 20 games and applications in the fields of creativity, reaction and logical thinking and is currently available in more than 20 languages. Along with the gaming experience, the games promote and support the powers of concentration, attentiveness, memory and visual perception.
Magic Touch in the healthcare industry
Playful diversion
Relaxation for young and old. Playfully calm your youngest patients’ fears of doctor visits and offer a pleasant, relaxed waiting atmosphere to parents and children because waiting can also be fun!
Whether in a small waiting room or a large hospital, we will find you the right solution with our colourful and interactive children’s play areas or create an individual concept customised to your personal needs.
Our interactive touchscreen gaming systems offer you the opportunity to sensibly and quietly occupy your young patients and above all to distract them a bit and calm them down.
We offer space-saving and flexible solutions geared to target groups, which can be quickly and easily integrated – especially for usage in waiting areas and treatment rooms. The HPL surface coating and the industrial touchscreen with a glass surface allows our devices to be cleaned quickly and easily and to meet the hygienic requirements at all times.
In addition, many of our products can be optimally adapted to meet your individual wishes and requirements. Simply talk to us. We will be happy to advise you.
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MyKidsCorner Deluxe branded for Pied Piper Appeal UK

MyKidsCorner Deluxe branded for Pied Piper Appeal UK

Customized Magic Tower @ SLK Clinic Heilbronn Germany

Magic Tower @ SLK Clinic Heilbronn

touch screen play kiosk at waiting room

touch screen play kiosk Magic Wall inox at waiting room

touch screen build-in kit for indoor playground at pharmacy

touch screen build-in kit for indoor playground at pharmacy

Magic Portable at doctors waiting room

Magic Portable at dentist’s waiting room