HPL Metal Sheet

Below you’ll find all metallic looks available with our interactive playsystems like Magic Wall LED, Magic Wall Deluxe and models of the My KidsCorner series. Kindly note that the samples listed on this page offer only an approximation of their actual real-life counterparts. We can’t be held responsible for any mismatch as the accuracy of each computer screen our users view our website with will vary.
Kindly note, that delivery time of all metallic designs can be up to 4 weeks and depends on model and quantity. Need a quote? Just call us on +49-2681-9583-12 or send a message to sales@orgacontrol.de

AL01 Brushed Aluminium
AL02 Brushed Platinum
AL03 Brushed Inox
AL04 Brushed Gold
AL05 Brushed Copper
AL06 Brushed Bronze