Magic Tower

Magic Tower
The versatile big-size play-solution for free-standing installations
The Multi Tower will not only meet the challenge of achieving the smallest possible floor space for a children’s play area, it also provides up to 4 gaming units for up to 8 or more children in one device. With a floor space of just 800 x 800 mm and the addition of unattached stools or benches fastened to a floor panel, this device, which is also plug-and-play, can even be set up in tight spaces and instantly offers a centre of attraction for young and old. Since the maximum of 8 stools are not firmly attached, their variability offers sufficient space for both younger and older children.
The device can be equipped with up to 4 self-sufficient 19” flush-mounted LED touch screens or additionally with up to 3 motor-skill games so that a total of up to 4 different play areas are available for the kids.
The decor can be individually designed according to your wishes.
The Magic Tower comes with the latest Magic Touch II software update with more than 20 games, applications and is availabel in 20+ languages.


Housing melamin-coated (HPL), wooden casing with 4 benches on baseplate
custom-made print starting from 1 pcs / order
Screen Size(4x) pure-glass touch screens for superior image clarity, resolution and light transmission
19” (420 x 348 mm)
sensitive touch response
game control exclusively via fingers
Hardware (4x) LED touch screen with iTouch technology
Maintenance free control unit with VGA, HDMI, USB, Network, Audio, Fast CF
115-230 Volt, 50-60 Hz
Integrated Power Save Technology! for very low power consumption, even in continuous operation
Software Magic Touch II with 20+ games, apps and languages
suitable for children aged 3+
Measurements 800 x 800 x 1600mm (Tower only)
2000 x 2000 x 1600mm (Tower with benches)
ca. 80 kg
Consumption sleep mode approx. 25 Watt (0,025 kWh) / gaming mode 30 Watt (0,030 kWh) per touch screen
Delivery Terms ex works, cardboard packaging on pallete
Add-on KeeBee activity modules (instead of touch screen game)
Warranty 2 years

Magic Tower @ Foodcourt Merseburg Center Germany

Magic Tower including 2 Touchscreens and 2 KeeBee play modules @ Foodcourt Merseburg Center Germany

Magic Tower Edeka Simmel

Magic Tower play kiosk with HPL laminate covering and 2 x 19” flash mounted touch screen at Edeka Simmel Munich

Magic Tower at Edeka supermarket

Magic Tower interactive play kiosk at Edeka supermarket